How it Works

PickStar connects you with sports stars, and manages the process from start to finish. We work FAST with ANY budget.

“PickStar connects you with sports stars, and manages the process from start to finish. We work FAST with ANY budget.”

How it works

In three easy steps


Tell us about your opportunity, including budget and any other details that you have.


Build a short list of sports stars you want to work with and we’ll send them your booking request for their consideration.


Confirm and book your star from the list of athletes who have applied for your opportunity. We’ll manage the process for you. Easy as that!


How much does PickStar cost?

It is FREE to post an opportunity on our site and see which sports stars are interested. There is no obligation to accept and you only pay if and when we create a successful connection for you. PickStar takes a 25% connection fee from the total budget on finalised deals. Contact us for more information.

I don’t think I can afford a sports star. What budget do I need?

PickStar can find a sports star for ANY budget … we have worked with budgets ranging from $200 to over $25,000. PickStar does not set prices for opportunities, we let the sports stars decide what they will and won’t apply for. And it’s not just about the budget. Athletes will also apply if the opportunity aligns with their passions, and also if it is fun and convenient. Of course, the bigger the budget, the more likely it is that you will get higher profile applicants, so we recommend providing your maximum budget. Most clients are stunned when they see the calibre of sports stars willing to engage with their opportunity .. give it a go and see for yourself! If you are looking for fixed price options, see our “Packages” page.

Can I negotiate?

PickStar does not facilitate a negotiation process – the client provides their maximum budget and details of their opportunity to the PickStar network of sports stars. The beauty of our system is that if your shortlisted star isn’t available, PickStar can immediately connect you with many other options!

What can I book sports stars for?

Any opportunity you can imagine - the possibilities are endless! We have organised sports stars for brand ambassador roles, social media and marketing campaigns, leadership sessions, corporate events, school visit, sportsman’s nights, motivational speakers, autograph sessions, keynote speakers, master of ceremonies, auctioneer, skills clinics, round of golf, club functions, fundraisers, birthday parties, weddings, junior clinics, fan meetups and presentation nights. This list, however, is not complete as we pride ourselves on finding the right match for your event. Contact us if you need some tips, or check out our blog.

How do I know an athlete is going to turn up?

PickStar holds your payment in a holding account and will only distribute that money to an athlete after the event has occurred. In the unlikely event that an athlete does not turn up, we will return your money to you immediately and the athlete can be barred from the PickStar system.

Can I use athletes for promotional reasons?

Yes, as long you remain in compliance with the athlete’s respective league rules. For example, in some instances businesses are not allowed to advertise a player wearing their team gear. In this scenario, you must advertise the athletes by name only and cannot publish any material that represents the player on the field. The athletes' images are protected fiercely by their codes and we respect this.

How do I know the sports star profiles are genuine?

PickStar contacts and vets all athletes before their details are posted on our site. We personally work with the sports stars or their managers.

What if the athlete I want is not on PickStar's list?

Not to worry! You can add them to your shortlist, and we will make every effort to put your opportunity in front of them.

Is PickStar a talent management agency?

No. We bring paid opportunities to sports stars (and their management), and handle the booking and payment process.

Does PickStar work with sports stars directly or talent managers?

Both, depending on each athlete’s circumstances. It is common for PickStar to work with both the athlete and their manager when an opportunity is on the table. Some athletes do not have a manager, or prefer to handle opportunities directly. PickStar has a great working relationship with many managers. PickStar works with management companies to bring more opportunities to stars and enhance the experience for the talent and the client.

What are PickStar’s payment terms?

When a client and sports star agree to work together, PickStar requires a 50% deposit to confirm the booking. This is fully refundable to the client if the booking is cancelled up to 14 days prior to the opportunity or if the athlete withdraws. We require full payment seven days prior to the event. This enables PickStar to guarantee immediate payment to our sports stars following the opportunity. For short turnaround events within seven days, we require full payment to confirm the booking. If the sports star does not turn up to the event, PickStar will provide a full refund. This has never happened before! PickStar has an innovative reminder system, and sports stars have a great respect PickStar and our clients. Marketing agencies and approved clients may qualify for customised payment terms. Contact us to discuss.

Do stars pay to sign up?

No. It is free for talent to sign up.

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